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Terms and conditions


We try our best to keep all the information and images on this website as up to date as possible, but It should be noted that all the information and images on this website are for illustration purposes only and may differ slightly from the items we physically hold in stock.

All information and image changes will be updated and published at our earliest convenience.   


Customers personal information Terms and conditions

We only hold customers personal information for vehicle registration and warranty registration purposes.

We will only ever make contact in the event of important notices regarding your motorcycle warranty or in the event of a vehicle safety recall notice.

We never share any personal information with any third parties and all information is stored electronically in line with data protection requirements.        


UK shipping 

UK shipping on some items purchased from our online shop is free of charge (Not motorcycles & electric scooters). 

All orders are processed within 24 hours following confirmation of order. 


International shipping 

All Internal shipping costs are clearly shown before online checkout. 

International deliveries with take between 7-14 days. 

Note: There may be additional customs and duty charges so please consult with your customs enquiries before placing your order. 


Motorcycle Purchase policy

We operate a no presure view and purchase policy for all motorcycles we sell, we do not take full or partial upfront payment for any motorcycle without it being physically inspected by the potential purchase or their agent first. 

A £100 deposit is only required to secure any motorcycle on sale which is 100% fully refundable until a motorcycle purchase is fully complete.

We will only accept payment in full for a motorcycle once the customer has physically fully examined the motorcycle and is 100% happy to proceed with the purchase, (we do not allow a motorcycle to be purchased blind or at distance).

This policy applies to all motorcycle sales regardless if collected by the customer from our shop or delivered directly to the customer by ourselves.  


Returns Policy 

Returns can only be actioned by the original purchaser.  

If you change your mind after buying from our online shop or purchases made over the phone you have up to 14 days to let us know, and another 14 days to return the goods to us.  

You will need to return the product to us at your own cost before  we can provide any refund. 

With all returns we highly recommend you purchase a fully tracked and insured method of shipping as any damage or loss of the goods caused during transit will be your responsibility leading to the rejection of any refund claim.  

The item must be returned in its original undamaged packaging and motorcycles or scooter must not be used or damaged.  

Please note: With all refunds there will be a restocking and bank processing fee of £20-£50 depending on the retail price of the item.  

To start a return, you will need to contact us via our email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. include your order number and the reason for your return in your correspondence. 

Please note: With all online or phone purchases there is a 14 days return period to allow you to visually examine the goods as you would in a shop.  

To obtain a full refund, the goods must be returned in ‘AS NEW’ condition with all component parts included in their original packaging. 

‘AS NEW’ condition is defined as unridden, unused, and undamaged  

Once your goods are returned to Triton motorcycles, they will be assessed by a Triton motorcycles representative.  

Any evidence of damage to the packaging, damage to a motorcycles or scooter, evidence of use of a motorcycle or scooter, or missing parts will result in a refund claim being rejected and the product returned to you at your own cost.


Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item and we will notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. 
If you are approved, your refund less any fees will be processed, and a credit will be applied to your original method of payment. 


Cancelling an order following dispatch 
If an order is cancelled after it has been dispatched, then the same return policy as above will apply. 



Motorcycles Limited Warranty

New Triton motorcycles are covered by a 24 month limited nation wide parts and labour warranty administered by a third party provider

Pre-registration Triton motorcycles are covered by a 12 month limited nation wide parts and labour warranty administered by a third party provider

All used motorcycles are covered by a minimum 3 month limited nation wide parts and labour warranty administered by a third party provider

AGM Battery Limited Warranty:

All supplied AGM batteries are covered by a 12 month limited warranty against manufacturing defect to the outer casing structure and a 3 month limited warranty against loss of performance.

The charge level of a lead acid AGM motorcycle batteries must be maintained while the motorcycle is not in use.

Never deplete an AGM battery level below 20% and never leave an AGM battery in a state of discharge for any period as this will lead to premature battery failure and will not be covered under the manufacturers or supplier warranty.  

Triton Motorcycles Electric Scooter 12-month Limited Warranty

Triton motorcycles electric scooter warranty covers against defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of sale.

Triton motorcycles electric scooter warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or any damage caused by accident or abuse.

All warranty claims will only be accepted if you are the original purchaser who bought the product from our shop or online through our website, and you have proof of purchase which is dated within the valid 12-month warranty period.

If you submit a valid warranty claim, Triton motorcycles will either repair, replace or refund your Triton scooter at its own discretion.

This does not affect your statutory consumer rights.

Who is covered?

Claims will only be accepted if you are the original purchaser who bought the product from our shop or online through our website, and you have proof of purchase which is dated within the valid 12-month warranty period (None Transferable).

All repairs must be undertaken by Triton Motorcycles Ltd, any unauthorised repairs or attempts to repair will invalidate the warranty, unless authorised by Triton Motorcycles Ltd.

Please ensure your read the manual in detail before using your Triton electric scooter to avoid voiding your warranty.

What is covered?

Defective components such as the frame, footboard, motor, digital display, and controller.

What is not covered?

Second-hand products, such as those obtained via 3rd party resellers, modified, or altered product, poorly maintained products or products left outside in the elements.

Normal wear and tear such as wear on tires, punctures, brake discs, brake pads, horn, light, any water damage, damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, theft, excessive load, transportation, cosmetic fading or scratches, or any failure of componant parts due to accident, neglect, impact, poor maintenance or any other cause not arising from defects in material or workmanship.

The warranty is not transferrable, claims must be made by the original purchaser.

With all warranty claims the customer will be liable for all inward and outbound delivery charges.

Electric Scooter User Information

Please read fully.

With all delivery e-scooters there will be small amount of assembly using the basic tool kit provided, please carefully follow the instruction manual supplied with your e-scooter, always observe the warnings, and never leave any e-scooter unobserved or overnight while charging the battery bank.

Make sure you find all your parts before throwing the packaging away and for reasons of safety take your time with putting it together or if you are unsure find someone competent with tools who you trust to help!

With some models we remove the main battery fuse which you will find in the bag with the user instructions.

Note: when you fit the fuse, it will make spark and a pop which is normal so don’t be worried by this.

Once your scooter is fully constructed check all the nuts and bolts are fully tightened, your tyre pressures are correct, your brakes and lights (if fitted) are working correctly, and with chain driven models your chain is tensioned and not slack, It is essential that the chain is correctly lubricated so we advise getting yourself some motorcycle chain lube from a motorcycle shop or motor vehicle parts suppliers such as Halfords, we highly recommend products such as wet chain lube by ‘Muc-Off’ as the chains are supplied dry and will sound a little noisy to start with but will run quiet after a few miles.

Warning: lack of maintenance can be extremely dangerous so before each trip it is the rider’s responsibility and essential to always conduct routine safety checks on his/her e-scooter, It is not uncommon for nuts and bolts to work loose especially in the running-in period, so please always be vigilant, checking for lose nuts and bolts (if necessary tighten), for all chain driven models make sure that the chain tension is checked which can initially stretch and need adjustment, check the brake lever travel (if necessary make adjustment), check your tyre pressures are correct (if necessary add pressure), the tyre condition is visually safe (replace if worn or damaged), and that lights (if fitted) are operating correctly,

For e-scooters with lead-acid batteries It is common for the initial few battery power levels to deplete quickly but with each battery charge your battery duration and power will increase, this is due to sulphate forming on the battery internal plates while in storage and this sulphate will shed with each full charge, this happens with all lead acid batteries which are stored without use for even a few weeks.

Batteries: Your e-scooter battery charge level must be maintained at every opportunity and fully charged prior to being stored, never deplete your battery level below 20% and never leave your e-scooter battery in a state of discharge for any period as this will lead to premature battery failure and will not be covered under warranty, all batteries are covered by a discretionary 12 month limited warranty against manufacturing defect to the outer casing structure and a discretionary 3 month limited warranty against loss of performance.

Warning: Electric scooters are extremely dangerous and should only be operated by a competent adult who is fully aware of the safety risks to themselves and others, it is vital that the correct PPE is always worn when operating any electric scooter, currently in the UK It is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads, pavements, or cycle paths, electric scooters are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission.

Damage disclaimer: In no event shall Triton Motorcycles Ltd, its officers, directors, employees or agents be liable for any direct, incidental, indirect, special, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages, injury, harm, death or for any other damages caused resulting from the use, misuse, neglect, lack of care, poor maintenance or neglect to follow the provided and accessible user information, instructions and warnings of any Triton electric scooter products or associated parts.   

Performance disclaimer: with all e-scooters the top speed and battery range will be dependent on multiple factors such as road conditions, weather conditions, riders’ physical size and weight, with the listed approximate top speed and approximate maximum range (which was conducted using the most economic mode or throttle usage), conducted in good weather conditions on a flat road, meaning the more challenging the weather and road conditions and/or high speed mode selection and hard fast riding will consume power at a far greater rate as compared to calm weather and flat road conditions and/or the use of low speed economy modes or light throttle usage which will greatly conserve power and duration.